UK should require travelers from China to provide a negative COVID test before departure | UK News

COVID regulations for different countries

WE: Starting January 5, the United States will implement mandatory COVID-19 testing for travelers from China. All air passengers aged two and over will be required to test negative no more than two days prior to departure from the mainland, Hong Kong or Macau. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Americans should also reconsider travel to these places.

JAPAN: The country will require a negative COVID-19 test on arrival for travelers from mainland China. Those who test positive will need to quarantine for seven days. New border measures for China will take effect at midnight on December 30. The government will also limit requests from airlines to increase flights to China.

INDIA: From January 1, people traveling to India from China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand must have a negative COVID before departure and upload it to an Indian government website.

ITALY: The nation has ordered COVID-19 antigen swabs and virus sequencing for all travelers from China. Milan’s main airport, Malpensa, has started testing passengers arriving from Beijing and Shanghai.

TAIWAN: From January 1, all passengers on direct flights from China, as well as by boat on two offshore islands, will have to take PCR tests on arrival.

SOUTH KOREA: The nation will require travelers from China to provide a negative COVID test result before departure.

SPAIN: People traveling from China to Spain will need to test negative for COVID or prove that they have been fully vaccinated against the disease.

MALAYSIA: The country will check the body temperature of all incoming travelers, including those from China, and those detected with fever or other symptoms will be tested for COVID. It will also sample sewage from planes arriving from China for the coronavirus and perform tests to detect the entry of any new variants.

FRANCE: Negative tests will be required before flying from China from January 1, masks will have to be worn on the plane and tests will also be carried out on arrival in France.


AUSTRALIA: Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said Australia continues to monitor the situation in relation to China “as we continue to monitor the impact of COVID here in Australia as well as around the world”.

PHILIPPINES: The country is “very cautious” and could impose measures such as testing requirements on visitors from China, but not an outright ban, said Transport Secretary Jaime Bautista.


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