‘Moral and historical correctness is on our side,’ Vladimir Putin says on New Year’s Eve

MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin said in his New Year’s address on Saturday that “moral and historical correctness” was on Russia’s side as his country faces international condemnation for its offensive in Ukraine.
As Russia’s Far Eastern regions rang in the New Year, the Russian leader gave his traditional midnight speech amid soldiers who fought in Ukraine, according to Russian news agencies.
Putin said in remarks carried by news agencies that this year has been marked by “truly crucial and fateful events” that have become “the border that lays the foundation for our common future, our true independence.”
“Today we are fighting for this, protecting our people in our own historical territories, in the new constituent entities of the Russian Federation,” he added, referring to the Ukrainian regions that Russia claimed to have. annexed.
“Moral and historical correctness is on our side,” he said.


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