NEW DELHI: Former Indian pacemaker Venkatesh Prasad on Monday gave a fitting response to former Australian cricketer Mark Waugh on his views on the use of ‘Mankading‘ as a strategy to get a wicket.
“The worst thing is that it looks like teams are using it as a deliberate and planned way to get a wicket,” Waugh said while commenting on a Twitter video of the Pakistani pacer. Zaib-un-Nisa short of a batting Rwandan in the ongoing Women’s T20 U-19 World Cup.

To which Prasad replied “Yes, that’s right, bowlers planning to get a player out by legal means is the worst thing. Batsman wanting to take unfair advantage by not staying in the crease is the best thing.”

Outs when the batter tries to get past the crease before the bowler releases the ball are known as “Mankading”, reminiscent of the first such return designed by Vinou Mankad when he knocked out Bill Brown on the non-attacking side in this way twice in the 1947-48 Test series against Australia.
Once considered foul play, albeit legal, in gentleman’s play, such strikeouts at the bowler’s end have not been considered ‘foul play’ since October last year after the ICC changed its regulation.
However, the debate continues whether such dismissals are against the “spirit of the game”.
Last week, India skipper Rohit Sharma withdrew his appeal for a run out at the end of the non-attackers by mohamed chami after the captain of Sri Lanka Dasun Shanaka left the crease and the Indian pacer removed the bails.
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