LOS ANGELES: A gunman who killed three people, in what US police said was a random attack, phoned his mother and then killed himself on Tuesday in the state of Washington.
The appalling episode came on the heels of two mass shootings in California that left 18 dead as the United States once again grapples with the horror of spiraling gun violence.
Yakima police said a man they previously named Jarid Haddock, a 21-year-old resident, shot people in and around a convenience store overnight, before fleeing.
Officers have launched an extensive manhunt across the city of 100,000, 100 miles southeast of Seattle, warning the wanted man was armed and dangerous.
“It seems like a random situation,” Yakima Police Chief Matthew Murray said Tuesday morning.
“There was no apparent conflict between the parties. They just walked in and started shooting.”
Hours later, police received an emergency 911 call from a woman who said the wanted man had borrowed her phone.
“He then called his mother and he made several incriminating statements, including ‘I killed those people,'” Murray told reporters.
“He made several statements in front of her that he was then going to kill himself.”
First responders rushed to the scene near a supermarket, arriving in time to hear gunshots as he took his own life.
“They provided medical attention in an attempt to save his life, but he was later pronounced deceased.”
The Yakima shooting was the latest spasm of gun violence to rock the United States.
On Monday, seven people died at two farm sites south of San Francisco when a Chinese-American farm worker allegedly opened fire on his co-workers.
Some of his victims are also known to be Chinese.
On Saturday night, an old Asian man ransacked a dance studio in Monterey Park near Los Angeles, killing 11 people who had gathered to Lunar new year celebrations.
Huu Can Tran killed himself several hours later as police moved into his van.

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