Self-proclaimed misogynist influencer Andrew Tate said ‘there is no justice in Romania’ as he was escorted in handcuffs from a police van.

Tate and her brother Tristan are being investigated for allegations of sexual assault and exploitation.

Today the couple were taken to the Bucharest headquarters of the organization which tackles organized crime and terrorism, known as Diicot.

Tristan Tate claimed he was in jail because of his wealth

Responding to a reporter’s questions upon arriving at the offices, British-American citizen Andrew Tate, 36, said “the file is completely empty” and “there is no justice in Romania” .

He also said, “They know we didn’t do anything wrong.”

Tate denied hurting any girls.

Tristan Tate, 34, was heard saying: “For my money. That’s why I’m in jail. I’ve got money they’re trying to steal.”

Romanian prosecutors have searched for evidence on Andrew Tate’s cellphones and laptops as part of an investigation into organized crime and human trafficking, Diicot spokeswoman Ramona Bolla said.

Last Friday, a judge ruled that the couple should stay in jail for another 30 days while the police investigate.

After the Tates were arrested in December as well as two Romanian women, Diicot said in a statement that he identified six victims who were subjected to “acts of physical violence and mental coercion”.

The agency added that the victims were lured on the pretext of love and then intimidated.

Police officers escort Andrew Tate past the Organized Crime and Terrorism Investigation Directorate (DIICOT) where prosecutors are examining electronic material confiscated during the investigation into their case, in Bucharest, Romania PIC: AP
“They know we did nothing wrong,” proclaimed Andrew Tate. Photo: AP

He alleged that the victims were monitored and pressured into engaging in pornographic acts for substantial financial gain.

A lawyer for the brothers, Iona Gliga, said last Friday he considered a judge’s decision that they would remain in custody until February as “completely unwarranted”.

“Only an hour ago, the session was closed and the file has 20 volumes,” Mr. Gliga said.

“I find it very hard to believe that anyone has the physical capacity to study the case in such a short time, because it only made it to court yesterday.”

Andrew Tate, who has reportedly lived in Romania since 2017, was previously banned from various social media platforms for expressing misogynistic views and hate speech.

A message appeared on his Twitter page on Wednesday morning, saying: “There is no light without darkness.”

This follows a series of tweets relating to his detention.

Luxury cars seized in case against Andrew Tate
Luxury cars seized in case against Andrew Tate

Earlier in January, Romanian authorities towed away a fleet of luxury cars, including a Rolls-Royce, a Ferrari and a Porsche.

They reported seizing assets worth an estimated $3.9m (£3.16m).

Prosecutors said if they could prove the owners made money from illicit activities such as human trafficking, the assets would be used to cover the expenses of the investigation and to compensate victims.

Tate unsuccessfully appealed the seizure of the assets.

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