Rs 50,000 Cost Reduction for Single Women in New Haj Policy | News from India

NEW DELHI: India has been allocated a quota of around 1.75 lakh per Haj this year and under the new Haj policy, 90% of the total fee will be allocated to the Haj Committee of India and the remainder will be assigned to private operators. The government has yet to open applications for Haj this year.
The 2023 policy also states that the entire government discretionary share has been canceled and will be merged into the general pool.
Under the new policy, there will be special provisions for women, children, people with disabilities and the elderly. There will be 25 embarkation points for Haj-2023. This is a marked increase and will help connect people in distant places like Agartala which is a new embarkation point. While single women over 45 can apply on their own, “subject to the terms of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. . . the Haj Committee of India can form a group with the women who have applied under the category”.
THE ministry of minorities he tweeted: “historic new Haj policy will bring financial relief to pilgrims. Application forms are now free for the first time. The costs of the Haj package have been reduced by around Rs50,000.”
The costs of the Haj package have been reduced as the money deposited with the Haj Foreign Exchange Committee and items such as umbrellas, bags and sheets would not have been charged and these things could be arranged by the pilgrims themselves, the sources say.
The policy says that people with a disability/reference disability who cannot travel alone, as certified by the medical authorities, must be accompanied by an “able person” who is expected to be a blood relative. “In view of the difficulties faced by the more than 70 individual pilgrims, an escort is a must. If the husband and wife are traveling and both are over 70, two companions will be admitted, who will be blood relatives of the pilgrims,” it reads.


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