Dad fined after family stays too long in McDonald’s Playland parking lot: reports

A British man is fighting a fine he says he received after his wife and children visited a McDonald’s last summer, according to reports.

The man, 35-year-old Marcus Ward, told CoventryLive his wife took their two children to a McDonald’s in Walsgrave. The family chose this spot so the kids use the “soft play” facility, he said.

The McDonald's headquarters in Walgraves, UK, where the family reportedly exceeded their parking time limit.

The McDonald’s headquarters in Walgraves, UK, where the family reportedly exceeded their parking time limit. (Google Maps)

A few days later, Ward said he had received a fine of around £50 – equivalent to about $60 – from UK Parking Control (UKPC) because his wife had apparently exceeded the 90-minute time limit by about 10 minutes for parking. customer parking. .

“You have a soft game at that McDonald’s, so you’re going to be there a lot longer than a regular McDonald’s,” Marcus told the outlet. “If you analyze how long it takes for a parent to get the kids out of the car, change them, feed them and play softly, it’s definitely more than an hour and a half.”


Ward said he was unaware of the parking rule despite having lived in Coventry all his life.

“It’s a lot of money to use a facility that has parking,” he said. “Everything is almost ready for you to fail and get caught in this trap. It’s amazing.”

The golden arches of McDonald's.

The golden arches of McDonald’s. (Stock)

Ward said he has been battling the parking fine since August but was met with silence from UK parking enforcement. In February, the fine reached £170, which is just over $200.

Ward told the publication that he is so “strongly against paying [the fine] morally, I’m putting my foot down and sticking to my principles.”

FOX Business has contacted McDonald’s and UKPC for comment.


The US Sun reports that other motorists have complained they have been fined for exceeding the 90-minute parking time limit at other McDonald’s locations in the UK


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