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NEW DELHI: Humiliated Indorea clear victory in Ahmedabad will seal India’s place in the Trial World Championship final vs Australia but if Rohit Sharma’s side lose or draw, their fate will depend on the outcome of the Sri Lanka-New Zealand series.
Australia by virtue of the nine-wicket victory in Indore has already qualified for the grand final at the Oval from 7 to 11 June.
Australia is sitting on top of the wtc table with 68.52 percentage points (PCT extension).

Percentage points are calculated by dividing the points earned by a team by the points contested.
A team earns 12 points for a win, four for a draw and six for a draw.
To date, Australia have 148 points from 11 wins and four draws from 18 games. Playing for 216 points on offer, they have a PCT of 68.52.
Even if Australia loses the fourth and final Test against India, they would still lead with 64.91 pct (148/228×100).


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What happens to India
India’s PCT is 60.29 after making 123 runs in 17 tests so far (W10 D2). India lost a few points this cycle as the rate slowed.
If India wins the last test, its PCT will rise to 62.5 with 135 points from a maximum of 216 on offer (18 tests). They will therefore keep their second position and qualify for the final.

However, if they lose, India’s PCT will drop to 56.94 and hence they will have to depend on the outcome of Sri Lanka’s away series against New Zeland.
In case of a tie, India’s PCT will drop to 58.79 and even then they will have to wait for the outcome of the Sri Lanka-New Zealand series.
Ditto in case of a tie where India’s PCT will be 59.72.


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How can Sri Lanka qualify
Sri Lanka’s only chance at final qualification hinges on a 2-0 win in New Zealand, one of the toughest away games for sub-continental sides.
Sri Lanka’s current PCT is 53.33 with 64 points out of a possible 120 (10 Tests).
If India lose, draw or tie the final test and Sri Lanka win the series 2-0, their PCT will be 61.11 with 88 points out of a possible 144 points at stake.
But if Sri Lanka draw even one match and win 1-0, their maximum PCT will be 55.55, which will be lower than what India will have (56.94) even if they lose the final round.


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