It’s GG vs MI in tournament opener

We are all very happy to have a women’s premier league now, it’s amazing for the game and for women’s sport. This atmosphere already seems incredible, it’s sold out. It’s incredible, it’s especially an incredible opportunity for women’s sport. So before that, we worked hard, got to know each other, just excited to get out there and express ourselves. Watching the men’s Premier League grow and wanting to play there one day, being here now, I’m hugely grateful. It’s going to be an amazing tournament and I think it’s all about taking it all in and enjoying every moment. I’ve only been to India once before, not too long ago, so it’s great to be back. I will absolutely love my time, I know how passionate they are about their cricket. Excited to play under different conditions and with a country that loves its cricket and the crowds that get into it. And to be here in Mumbai playing for Mumbai Indians, you can’t ask for much more. The auction was a little different. No one really knew what to expect, we had never experienced anything like this before. We were playing that day against South Africa. You feel happy and you also feel sad for some of your teammates. But I think, from an outside perspective, to see that for women’s cricket is something very cool. It’s very exciting to see how women’s cricket is growing around the world.

Amelia Kerr, Mumbai Indians


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