Aaliya is being paid 10 Lakhs per month and she is doing all this to blackmail me

Nawazuddin Siddiqui has finally broken his silence about the ongoing controversy in his personal life. For nearly a month now, the actor’s wife, Aaliya, has been sharing videos of the challenges she faced while staying at the actor’s Versova Bungalow. She recently claimed that Nawazuddin had kicked her out of her house and prevented her and her children from entering her house. Reacting to all of that for the first time, the actor shared a statement he captioned, “This is not an accusation, but it expresses my emotions.”
Clarifying everything, the actor shared in a lengthy Instagram post: “I’m called a villain everywhere because of my silence. The reason I kept silent is because all this tamasha is going to be read by my little kids somewhere. Social media platforms, press and a bunch of people are really enjoying my character assassination based on one sided and manipulated videos. There are few points, I would like to express – First of all, Aaliya and I have not been together for several years, we are already divorced but we definitely had an understanding just for our kids. Does anyone know why my kids are in India and not attending school for 45 days, where the school sends me letters every day that it was too long an absence. My children have been held hostage for the past 45 days and are out of school in Dubai.”

Addressing the financial issues raised by his wife Aaliya, Nawaz added, “He had been abandoning the children in Dubai for the past 4 months before calling them here under the guise of asking for money. On average, she is paid around 10 lakhs per month for the last 2 years and 5-7 lakhs per month before moving to Dubai with my kids, excluding tuition, medical, travel and other leisure activities. I also financed her 3 films which cost me millions of rupees, just to help her create her income stream as she is the mother of my children. She was given luxury cars for my children but she sold them and she spent the money on herself. I also bought a lavish beachfront apartment in Versova, Mumbai for my children. Aaliya has been made co-owner of the above apartment as my children are young. I gave my children a rented apartment in Dubai where she also lived comfortably. She just wants more money and so she has filed numerous lawsuits against me and my mother and she is her routine about her, she has done the same in the past too and withdraws the lawsuit when she gets paid as she requests from her .

Speaking about not being able to enter the house, Nawaz said, “Whenever my kids came to India during their holidays, they just stayed with their grandmother. How could you throw them out of the house? I myself was not at home at that time. Because he didn’t make a video of being kicked out, while he makes a video of everything random. He has dragged the children into this drama and is doing all of this simply to blackmail me, defame my reputation, his intent to ruin my career and fulfill his illegitimate demands on him.

Nawazuddin concluded his note by expressing his love and concern for children: “Any parent on this planet will never want their children to lose their studies or hinder their future, they will always try to give the best of the best things possible . Whatever I’m earning today is everything to both of my kids and no one can change that. I love Shora and Yani and will do anything to ensure their well-being and future. So far I have won all the cases and I will continue to place my trust in the judiciary. Love is not about holding you back, it’s about letting you fly in the right direction.


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