What’s going on between Kim Jong Un and his daughter? | world news

We think she’s 10 and we think we know her name, but those details only came to light thanks to former basketball player Dennis Rodman after speaking to a newspaper ten years ago revealing the youngest’s identity. daughter of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

She has now been seen in public in North Korea at military events and parades, but why has Kim Jong Un decided to bring her out now?

On Sky News Daily, host Niall Paterson explores what it means for the secretive North Korean leader to reveal his daughter in public.

Niall is joined by Jean H Lee, who established the first Associated Press bureau in the country and James Fretwell, an analyst at North Korean news monitoring service NK News.

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Producer: Soila Apparicio and Rosie Gillott
Interviews Producer: Alex Edden
Publisher: Philly Beaumont


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