Bakhmut: Russian-Ukrainian War: Mercenaries Claim Control of Eastern Bakhmut Region

Kyiv: The leader of the Russian mercenary group Wagner said on Wednesday that his forces had taken full control of the eastern part of the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut and the NATO Secretary General said that everything could fall to the invading army in the next few days.
If Wagner Boss Yevgeny Prigozhinis true, it would mean that Russian forces now control almost half of the city in their costly effort to secure their first major victory in several months.
But as one of the bloodiest battles of the year-long war was fought amid ruins, the Ukrainian defenders remained defiant.
Last week they appeared to be preparing for a tactical retreat from Bakhmut, but Ukrainian military and political leaders are now talking about sticking to their positions and inflicting as many Russian casualties as possible.
The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said in its Wednesday morning report: “The enemy, despite heavy losses, continues to storm the town of Bakhmut.” Prigozhin said his fighters, who spearheaded the Russian assault on Bakhmut, had now captured the east of the city.


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