Khan: Imran Khan indicted for murder, terrorism in Lahore, 80th case against ousted PM

LAHORE (Reuters) – Lahore police on Thursday charged Pakistani leader Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan and 400 others with murder and terrorism during their clashes with police officers at the party rally that left one dead and dozens injured. This is the 80th trial against the ousted Prime Minister Khan registered by the PML-N-led coalition government during its 11-month rule.
On Wednesday, police reportedly killed PTI activist Ali Bilal and injured more than a dozen during a crackdown outside Khan’s residence from where they were to hold a pro-judicial rally. More than 100 PTI workers were also arrested. The FIR said 11 police officers were injured in the clash with PTI workers who threw stones at them. The FIR said six PTI workers were also injured.
PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry said that instead of filing an FIR against the officers for killing the PTI worker on his family’s complaint, the police charged Khan and 400 others with his murder.
Khan posted the torture of the PTI workers on social media and said: “This is what the corrupt and murderous cabal of crooks has done to the nation. They have violated our constitution, our fundamental rights and the “rule of law. Innocent and unarmed PTI workers, including women, have been the target of police violence and brutality…”
PTI had announced that it would record a murder case against Punjab goalkeeper CM Mohsin NaqviMinister of the Interior Rana Sanaullah, Punjab IGP Usman Anwar and Lahore Police Chief Bilal Saddique Kamyana. Meanwhile, the Punjab IGP has formed a two-member committee to investigate the clashes between police and PTI workers.
On Wednesday, police fired tear gas and used water cannons to disperse PTI activists. The party claimed its “peaceful” workers were arrested after reports that the provincial capital had been placed under Article 144, banning public gatherings. After the clashes, Khan canceled the gathering from his residence in Data Darbar.


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