Shooting in Hamburg: Several people killed in an attack on the building of Jehovah’s Witnesses | world news

Several people were killed in a shootout in the northern German city of Hamburg.

Shots were fired at a Jehovah’s Witnesses building in the Gross Borstel neighborhood, causing several serious injuries and some deaths.

Police were alerted to the shooting at around 9.15pm and said in a statement there was no immediate indication the shooter was on the run, adding that it is likely the perpetrator or perpetrators were either in the building, or among the dead.

German newspaper Bild reports that seven people were killed and at least eight others injured.

Hamburg police said the motive for the attack was unclear at this time.

Policemen in special equipment on duty. Photo: AP

The force added that a large operation was underway in the nearby district of Alsterdorf in the northern part of the city.

The area is a few kilometers north of downtown Hamburg, which is Germany’s second largest city.

A number of armed officers were photographed near the scene.


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