“Why was ED in a hurry to question me?” asks BRS MLC K Kavitha | Hyderabad news

HYDERABAD: Claiming it would appear first Directorate of Execution (ED) and collaborating with the agency On 11 March, MLC and founder of Bharat Jagruthi, Kalvakuntla Kavitha asked why BJP’s BL Santosh evaded the Special Investigation Team (SIT) previously in the case of poaching of MLA in Telangana.

The MLC, who was summoned by the ED for questioning, said why the ED rushed to question her and deliberately chose a day before her protest against the Women’s Reservation Act in Delhi?
“I requested the ED to investigate me at my home in Hyderabad as it has done before. But the ED authorities denied. If this can happen to me, it can happen to others as well,” he said. ‘MLC during a press conference in Delhi on Thursday. .
The daughter of Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao she said arrangements should be made to ensure that women can comply with such inquiries at any level, including via video calls and virtually. She announced that the BRS party has decided to raise the matter and take it forward to ensure that correct procedures are in place. MLC Kavitha, while responding to the way forward, said that “I am a law abiding citizen, I will respect and cooperate with the detective agency as we understand their obligations to the BJP government”.
He said that since the Telangana assembly polls are scheduled for November or December this year, the investigative agencies are raiding the BRS leaders and their relatives.
“Telangana is currently on the BJP’s radar as their ‘Modi se pehle ED’ program has been unleashed, he said.
Kavitha said more than 100 CBI raids, 200 ED raids, over 500 income tax raids and 500 to 600 people were questioned under the NIA. She said that “they are all politicians, members of our party or business houses who do not adhere to the diktats of the BJP”.
The former MP said, “this is not just my problem, 15-16 leaders have been targeted in our party. My request to PM Modi would be to go talk to people and tell them what they did for Telangana and the country They must try to win hearts before they win the election”.
He said “nine states have witnessed the BJP’s pre-poll intimidation tactics, it won’t work with us. We won’t be intimidated; we have won the support of the people and we will continue to do the same. We will continue to expose the BJP’s failings.” The army, the youth and the farmers have already failed.”
“The twin-engine sarkar which actually stands for ‘Pradhani and Adani sarkar’, works only in the interest of few, and hence the opposition is oppressed and harassed for raising their voice. But why government punishes the common man with bad government and policies,?” Kavita asked.


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