Agniveer: 10% stake for former Agniveers in BSF now, age rules reduced | News from India

NEW DELHI: The Home Ministry on Thursday introduced a 10 percent reserve for ex-Agniveers in vacancies within the Border Security Force (BSF extension), as well as notifying the easing of their maximum age limit depending on whether they are part of the first batch or subsequent batches.
By modifying the border security force, general Duty framework Recruitment Rules, 2015, with effect from 9 March, the Center communicated that in the part relating to the post of Constable notes will be inserted which will lighten the maximum age limit for ex-Agniveers up to five years for candidates belonging to the first batch of ex-Agniveer and up to three years in case of all other batches of ex-Agniveer.
Another note added to the Border Security Force, General Duty Cadre (Non-Gazetted) (Amendment) Recruitment Rules, 2023, exempts ex-Agniveers from taking the physical proficiency test.
THE MAHmindful of the criticisms of some circles to the Agniveer scheme which provides for the absorption of only 25% of the agnitive in the Defense Forces at the end of their four-year term even though the remaining 75% were demobilized, had announced soon after that the 10% vacancies in the Central and Paramilitary Forces Rifles Assam will be reserved for demobilized Agniveers. He had stated that the upper age limit would be reduced by five years for the first batch of ex-Agniveers and by three years for subsequent batches.


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