Bhopal policeman slits throat of wife and child, commits suicide | News from Bhopal

BHOPAL: A young Bhopal police officer, who seemed to have everything going for him, allegedly slit the throats of his wife and young son with a meat cleaver then jumped under a train on Friday night. The boy would have celebrated his third birthday a week later.
It is not known what triggered the murder-suicide as outwardly the couple seemed happy. Her neighbors had never heard them arguing, and her family had never heard her complaining about any kind of domestic problem. No suicide note has been found.


Suresh of the ASI Kumar KhangudaAged 32, he had risen through the officer ranks within a few years of joining as a police officer, was preparing for the UPSC exams and the family was looking forward to the child’s birthday party on March 17, which makes the tragedy even more mysterious, police say.
Just before midnight on Friday, a trackman spotted Khanguda’s mutilated body on the platforms near the Misrod railway station in Bhopal, ACP (Kolar) Suresh Damle said. The dismembered parts were scattered over a 300-metre stretch. Police identified him from his government-issued motorcycle and called his home but received no response. A patrol vehicle was sent to the rented house in the Kolar locality where the family lived, but no one opened the door.
Police brought in a family member who popped in and saw a gruesome scene – baby Ivan he lay dead in bed, his throat cut. Police broke down the door and found Khanguda’s wife Krishna, 28, dead on the floor in another room. Next to her was a bloody cleaver which the couple used to cut up chicken, police say. They found out it was recently purchased.
A forensic team examined the crime scene and took samples. Officials from the district administration also arrived at the scene. The bodies were sent for autopsy.
ACP Damle he said Khanguda’s family in their hometown of Agar Malwa was informed. Krishna’s parents, who live near Kolar, were the first to arrive on the scene with IS colleagues. None of them have been able to say anything that could explain the tragedy. Police found that Khanguda was under modification for a neurological disorder.
“Prima facie, it is suspected that the . motive behind the crash would become clear during the investigation,” the ACP said. tnn


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