Actress Payal Ghosh Shares Unfinished Suicide Note, Threatens To Expose Names That Would Be Responsible For Her Death | Bengali Movie News

Payal Ghosh is back in the news. The controversial actress who once fabricated the ‘me too’ accusation against director Anurag Kashyap recently shared a snapshot of what appears to be a handwritten suicide note on social media. In the note, she threatened to expose the names of the people allegedly responsible for her death. However, as we see in the photo, it looks like an unfinished suicide note. Her Instagram post of hers went viral in moments and she has left her followers baffled as to what exactly happened. Incidentally, Payel often takes her handles on social media to deal with mental health issues.
The message in the note read: “This is me, Payal Ghosh. If I die from suicide or a heart attack, the people who are responsible for it will be responsible for it.” While several followers were concerned about her, there were others who criticized her for trying to get cheap publicity. However, many have advised her to seek medical advice and assistance if the situation worsens.

Earlier, Payal had opened up about her personal battles with depression and how important it is to share mentioned while reacting to Tunisha Sharma’s suicide. Talking about a stage in her life she would rather forget, she said: ‘Mental health is something we often overlook and depression creeps in very covertly. I was fine until I was suddenly in a very critical mental state and tried jumping from my building if it wasn’t for my brother saving my life. It’s a very slippery slope and can quickly become dangerous. I feel that mental health should be given more weight than it gets as our careers and commitments take make me walk away from it. I am grateful that I was lucky enough to be pulled out of the black hole in time and am now on my way to putting that part of my life behind me. My family and close people are the ones who have helped me I walk out and I can never thank them enough for it.”
In 2020, Payal made headlines after filing a sexual harassment charge against director Anurag Kashyap. However, Kashyap, in response, dismissed the allegations as unfounded.


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