3 policemen killed in shooting in Mexico City with cartel gunmen

Three police officers and a suspect were killed and seven suspected drug cartel members were arrested on Friday following a dramatic gunfight taking place on Mexico City’s eastern border.

It was a glimpse into drug cartel violence that the nation’s capital rarely sees, but which has become frequent in the northern and western parts of the country.

Police said two officers were killed in a town just east of the capital early Friday when they approached a house where a gang of kidnappers and murderers were believed to be hiding, according to police in the state of Mexico, which borders the capital. They said the suspects were also wanted for murder.

Four kidnapping victims were found in the house before gunfire broke out. The initial firefight took place near the city of San Antonio La Isla, about 35 miles east of the capital.

The suspects then fled in a vehicle to Mexico City and continued shooting at pursuing officers, killing a police officer in the capital. The suspects then crashed their car into a lamppost. Some were injured in the crash, others fled on foot but were taken into custody.


Among those arrested was a woman. Weapons found at the crime scene included a number of high powered shotguns.

City Police Chief Omar Garcia Harfuch said the suspects apparently worked for the Jalisco hyperviolent cartel. “They say they belong to a group from Jalisco,” said Garcia Harfuch. “They wore insignia related to the Jalisco cartel.”

He said the suspects were trying to get to a safe house the gang apparently ran in Mexico City.

Three police officers were killed by suspected drug cartel members in a shootout.

Three police officers were killed by suspected drug cartel members in a shootout.

Mexico City officials have long acknowledged that the country’s major drug cartels have a presence in the capital. But they claimed the size of Mexico City’s police force — some 90,000 officers according to some — and dire traffic jams have prevented the cartel’s gunmen from operating openly in the city as they do elsewhere.

Garcia Harfuch was himself targeted by the Jalisco Cartel in a 2020 attack on a street in Mexico City.


In the 2020 attack, about two dozen gunmen ambushed García Harfuch’s armored vehicle before dawn on one of the capital’s main avenues. The brazen attack left him with three gunshot wounds and his two bodyguards and a bystander died.

Prominent Mexican journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva escaped shaken but unharmed in an attack last December when two gunmen on a motorcycle attempted to kill him in a late-night attack on a Mexico City street. He was saved because his SUV was bulletproof.

In the raids and searches that led to the arrest of 11 suspects, police found a cap with the letters CJNG, the initials of the Jalisco New Generation cartel.


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