Kapil Sharma Clarifies Rivalry Reports With Krushna Abhishek, Bharti Singh, Ali Asgar; he reveals why they left TKSS

Kapil Sharma in a news channel interview clarified that there was no rivalry between him and the artists who left The Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS). Some of the popular names who have left the show include Krushna Abhishek, Bharti Singh, Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar, Upasana Singh among others.
Kapil said he was never insecure and always got back to those whose work he loved. He confessed to being short-tempered before, but now he’s worked through it. He also shared that her love and anger at him comes from where he grew up.

When asked why some of his co-stars left, Kapil said, ‘Inse poochiye yeh kyun nahi ruke, mein toh apni hi jagah par hun. I fought with Sunil (Grover) it’s okay. Bharti Singh agar aap Instagram pe dekhte hain toh hum saath mein baithte hain. Bharti has started her own production house. She is doing her job and very busy. It’s not like those who left have had any fights with me. Upasana Singh is doing a great job in movies. We spoke just a few days ago. Krushna is a good friend. So out of everyone except Sunil, you can’t put everyone else in the same category.”
Kapil also shared that he’s no longer a producer, so if someone leaves due to contractual issues, he has no say and can’t force artists to lower their fee.

He said, “I never think about ki mere baraabar aake khada hai koi. I’ve never been tense about it. When you produce a show, then there are 10 things that you need to look into. But now I’m free from this, I don’t know ‘don’t produce . I have a direct contract with the channel. And they do. Agar channel ke saath kisi ki baithti hai toh theek hai. I love Krushna but I don’t know what was the matter with his contract. But I won “Don’t ask because I can’t ask him to lower the price. Mera matlab nahi banta na.”

Among other things, Kapil spoke out about allegations that he broke jokes below his belt. He said they can’t do it because there are too many restrictions because they are on a GEC. He said that “the intention is never to hurt anyone, but to make people laugh”.

Kapil also opened up about his depression and how he felt suicidal during the phase. He credited his wife for getting him out of it. He said, “Uss samay lagta tha ki khatam hone wala hai kaam. Bada ganda wala phase tha. Uss time khatam hi nahi ho raha tha (I felt I would not be able to survive it was a bad phase she refused to finish ).”


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