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NEW DELHI: The India-Pakistan rivalry is ranked among the best in cricket with players from both nations engaging in heated verbal duels on the pitch.
Former Indian star spinner Harbhajan Singh and Pakistani pacer Shoaib Akhtar reunited at the League of Legends Cricket Masters where the duo descended into memory of their playing days.
Akhtar recalled the incident when he broke the six against Harbhajan in the Faisalabad test. Harbhajan was quick to remind Akhtar that he hadn’t dragged him after being hit for six years. Harbahajan went on to say that when he took Akhtar to the cleaners in the Asian Cup game in 2010, the fast bowler didn’t keep up with his pace.

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“He was bowling so well in Faisalabad, so I hit him for two sixes!” Akhtar said, remembering their past duels.
“I didn’t tell you when you made those two sixes. But when I rolled a six against you, you said so many things! Harbhajan replied.
“Should I tell everyone what you said?” Harbhajan offered a blunt response: “I didn’t start. He just got angry, how can he hit a six against me!”
Akhtar then playfully hit Harbhajan, to which the Indian star joked, “When he can’t win with words, he starts hitting people.”


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