Prayuth: Thai Prime Minister Prayuth will run for re-election in May

BANGKOK: Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha was officially nominated for re-election on Saturday as his party’s top candidate for the country’s next leader in polls scheduled for May 14.
Prayuth, 69, runs with the new United Thai Nation Partyand will probably have to face Pheu Thai eveningIt is Paetontarn Shinawatradaughter and niece of two former prime ministers from the billionaire family.
The incumbent president, in power since 2014 when the army overthrew a civilian government, was elected civilian leader in 2019.
The military veteran has fallen behind his rivals in the opinion polls, but hopes to win supporters with promises to look after the welfare of the people and the stability of the country, and to protect the monarchy.
“We volunteer to make everyone as happy as possible,” Prayuth said at a party event to present his candidates for the 400 constituencies.
He said his next government would continue the work of his current administration with a firm hand and with the slogan: “I have done, I am doing and I will continue”.
“The most important thing is to defend the country and protect the main institution of the country. Please trust me, as you always have,” Prayuth said.
The party leader Pirapan Salirathavibhaga was named the party’s No. 2 candidate for prime minister.
Thailand’s election is expected to be a showdown between the elite establishment and the pro-democracy forces that have dominated politics in the Southeast Asian country for decades.


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