Brahmos: MoD Signs Deals For Next Generation Vessels, Radar, Akash Missile Batteries And BrahMos Worth Over Rs 32,000 Crore | News from India

NEW DELHI: In a flurry of deals a day before the ongoing fiscal end, the Defense Ministry on Thursday signed major indigenous contracts worth more than Rs 32,000 crore for six next-generation missile boats, 11 offshore patrol boats and two BrahMos coastal missile batteries for the Navy as well as two more Akash missile regiments and 12 weapon tracking radars for the Army.
The next generation offshore patrol vessels will be built: seven to Goa Shipyard and four at Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers in Calcutta, costing Rs 9,781 crore.

“The delivery of these vessels will start in September 2026. They will enable the Navy to maintain its combat capability and meet various operational requirements such as anti-piracy, counter-infiltration, anti-trafficking and protection of offshore assets, etc.” said an official . .
The six missile boats, in turn, will be built by the Cochin Naval Shipyard at a cost of Rs 9,805 crore, with delivery commencing in March 2027. “These high-speed stealth vessels will be heavily armed. Their main role will be to provide offensive capabilities against enemy warships, merchantmen and land targets. They will be a powerful sea denial tool for enemy vessels, especially at choke points,” the official said.
Another contract for the Navy was over Rs 1,700 crore for two next generation (long range) maritime mobile shore batteries of BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles. The batteries, equipped with missiles with a range of 350-420 km for the “multidirectional strike capability”, will be delivered starting from 2027.

The largest contract for the Army was Rs 8,160 crore signed with Bharat Dynamics for two more regiments of the Akash Weapon System (AWS), with surface-to-air missiles capable of intercepting hostile aircraft, helicopters and drones at a range of 25 km, to add to two already existing by force.
These two “enhanced” AWS regiments will have improved search technology, a smaller footprint, 360° engagement capabilities, and improved environmental parameters for deployment in high-altitude areas along the China border.
The 12 weapon tracking radars Swati (plains), in turn, will be bought by Bharat Electronics (NICE) for over Rs 990 crore. “These indigenous radars are capable of locating guns, mortars and rockets of enemy troops to facilitate their destruction by counter-bombing. Their induction is expected to be completed in 24 months,” the official said.
Another Rs 1,700 crore contract has been signed with BEL for the procurement of 13 Lynx-U2 fire control systems for naval guns, which are capable of accurately tracking and engaging targets amid sea clutter and in air. These fourth generation systems will be installed on new generation offshore patrol vessels.


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