Sikh: The aftermath of Hindu doctor, Sikh businessman shot dead in Pakistan

AMRITSAR: An unidentified motorist fatally shot a Sikh businessman in the city of Peshawar in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in broad daylight on Friday. Dayal Singh was shot dead around 3:30 p.m., a day after the murder of a famous Hindu eye doctor in Karachi.
Sikh activist Radesh Singh Tony said Hindu ophthalmologist Dr Birbal Ginani, the former director of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, was shot dead on the Lyari highway on Thursday while riding in his car.
Sarop Singha Peshawar resident and member of Pakistan’s National Commission for Minorities (NCM), said Dayal had a small grocery store at Jamil Chowk in Atta Mohammad Garhi village near Peshawar.
“Despite being a poor person, he used to give Iftar parties to Muslims and yet he was killed in cold blood,” Saroop said, adding that there had been more than 10 murders of Sikhs in Peshawar over the past two years.
“Many Sikhs were killed in a targeted manner during the month of Ramadan when they gave iftar parties to Muslims,” ​​he said.
Dayal is survived by three children, a wife and two brothers who also live in Peshawar.
Sikh members of the NCM said the minority community is living in fear in Pakistan and many families have moved to the Sikh populated areas such as Nankana Sahib, Hasan Abdal, Lahore.
Notably, on May 15, 2022, two Sikh businessmen Kuljit Singh and Ranjit Singh, both close to Dayal, were shot dead by two unidentified gunmen in Peshawar. Both had groceries at Bara Market in the town of Sarbad near Peshawar.
Saroop urged the Pakistani government to ensure the safety and security of minority communities in Pakistan.


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