The King’s first state visit was a post-Brexit push to sell out Britain and it appears to have worked | world news

We hear a lot about the soft power of the monarchy.

But there was certainly a difficult message for the king to deliver on his first state visit.

It was a diplomatic mission to sell Britain, a post-Brexit public relations campaign.

One of the themes of this trip was reconciliation.

Crowds were out in force in Hamburg to see the royal

The king spoke of the late Queen’s pride in playing a pivotal role in 1965, when she visited West Germany.

His trip was seen by many as a watershed moment, helping to restore post-war relations.

He arrived in Germany, after Brexit, to help reaffirm the Anglo-German friendship that was so special to his mother.

We are told the visit was a celebration of the relationship, but it was much more. It was about renewing alliances after years of Brexit-related divisions.

President Frank-Walter Steinmeier couldn’t help but mention Brexit during his state banquet toastbut there was no such king’s speech.

Germany wasn’t supposed to be his first stop, but political protests left the Trip to France postponedleaving that moment of the handshake to the Germans.

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The King’s Charm Offensive in Germany Explained

All stops have been removed. As soon as the king’s plane entered German airspace, jets escorted it to Berlin. They did the same on the way back.

We have seen in three days, many firsts. From a welcome ceremony at the Brandenburg Gate to a speech on the floor of the German parliament.

The words were penned by the government, but spoken in a mixture of German and English with numerous references to the Queen, the sentiment seemed personal and heartfelt.

The speech was also more political than many of those delivered by the late Queen. Speaking of the Second World War, and the “scourge of war” that returns with the conflict in Ukraine.

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King Charles
Her Majesty draws a pint in Hamburg
Members of the public wait for King Charles to visit the town hall, Hamburg,
Members of the public pictured ahead of the monarch’s visit to Hamburg

The two-minute standing ovation showed he was well received.

All engagements were organized to showcase shared values ​​and common interests, including the climate crisis, culture and support for Ukraine.

You get a strong feeling from both sides, the trip went well.

The Queen has often been said to be the secret weapon of British diplomacy.

She made 121 state visits during her reign.

The king has just finished his first.


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