Kejriwal: Ambitious Young People of 21st Century India Want an ‘Educated’ Prime Minister, Says Kejriwal | News from India

GUWAHATI: Delhi’s prime minister, Arvind Kejriwal, said on Sunday that ambitious young people in 21st century India want an “educated” prime minister to lead the country towards development.
Kejriwal, addressing a AAP extension gathering here, he said an “educated” prime minister would not introduce controversial laws on agriculture and demonetisation. He said Modi was duped by others, who took advantage of his “educational standards”.

Comments from the CM of Delhi came later Gujarat High Court ordered him to deposit Rs 25,000 for seeking information on PM Modi’s educational qualification under the Right to Information Act (RTI).
“The prime minister of a country like India should be educated. This is 21st century India. Young people are ambitious, they believe in science and technology. They want work for themselves and development of the country. Development is only possible under an educated prime minister. Less educated or illiterate PMs cannot lead the country on the path of development”, Kejriwal She said.
Kejriwal said that in a “poor country” like India, being illiterate is not a crime. However, he hoped that at least the country’s prime minister would be “educated”. “I listened to the Prime Minister’s speech that he only went to one school in the village and did not get further (higher) education after him. Ours is a very poor country and because of poverty many have not been able to go to school and get an education. But at least the prime minister should be educated, ”he added.
A couple of days after Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma Threatened Kejriwal with a libel suit if the latter calls Sarma corrupt in Guwahati rally, the AAP leader extended an invitation to the Assam CM on Sunday to have tea and lunch with him at his Delhi residence.
“The people of Assam are very good and know how to welcome their guests. Himanta should learn hospitality from them,” Kejriwal said.
Punjab CM Bhagwant Mannwho accompanied Kejriwal, “guaranteed” to turn Assam, if AAP voted to power in the northeastern state.


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