Paris votes on banning rental e-scooters | world news

Paris is voting on whether to ban electric scooter rentals citywide.

Self-rental electric scooters were first introduced in the French capital in 2018 as a greener alternative to the car and the public transport network.

But an increased number of accidents and “irresponsible use” prompted Mayor Anne Hidalgo to hold a referendum on whether to stay.

On Sunday, Parisians can vote on the issue at 203 polling stations across 21 sites until 7 p.m. local time (6 p.m. in the UK).

Although the result is not legally binding, Ms Hidalgo has promised to honor the result.

Social media influencers have stepped up their efforts to get young people to vote against the ban in recent days.

They argue that they offer a safer and faster way to get home late at night in the absence of a night service on the Paris metro.

Strike against Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform also make public transport increasingly unreliable, they add.

The city’s fleet of 15,000 rental electric scooters are supplied by Tier, Lime and Dott.

A woman rides an e-scooter near Gare du Nord in Paris

Calls for improved safety have forced them to cap total numbers, impose automatic speed restrictions in certain areas and fines for leaving them abandoned in undesignated spaces.

They are widely used, with each e-scooter being picked up an average of 3.5 times a day, according to official figures.

Deaths linked to e-scooters

Three deaths and 459 injuries were attributed to electric scooters in Paris in 2022, compared to one death and 353 injuries in 2021.

Ms Hidalgo told France 2 previously: “We cannot contain them in public spaces and they cause road safety problems, especially for the elderly and disabled.”

The vote takes place on the same day as the Paris marathon, with opponents fearing it will reduce turnout.


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