Palestinian gunmen who shot dead British-Israeli family are killed | world news

Two Palestinian gunmen who shot dead a British-Israeli mother and her two daughters last month have been killed, Israel’s Internal Security Service said.

A third militant who had helped the gunmen was also killed in the raid by Israeli forces.

Maia and Rina Dee, aged 20 and 15, died in the West Bank when their car was shot and forced off the road on April 7.

Their mother, Lucy Dee, 45, died in hospital from her injuries a few days later.

The attack happened near Hamra, about 30 miles north of Jerusalem, but the family lived in the settlement of Efrat – near Bethlehem.

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Maia and Rina’s father, Rabbi Leo Dee, said: “The children and I were delighted to hear that the terrorists were apprehended and neutralized today and eliminated today, and more importantly that it was done with in a way that apparently did not endanger the lives of Israeli soldiers because it was one of the most important things from our family’s point of view.

“I asked the Shabak (Israeli Security Agency) that since we can’t sit down and interview the terrorists live…that maybe we have the opportunity to interview members of the terrorist’s family – possibly parents, siblings or parents or siblings.

“So that’s my message.

“The question we would like to ask them is: what was their objective in this particular attack, what is their vision for a better world?”


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