Two dead after train accident against track workers in Germany | world news

Two people have been killed and several others treated for shock after a train crash near the western German city of Cologne.

The train reportedly rammed into a group of people working on the tracks near the town of Huerth around 11 a.m. local time, German news agency dpa reported.

Rescuers, police and psychologists attended the scene and the route was closed to train traffic.

Five people suffered psychological trauma after watching two of their colleagues be beaten and killed, dpa reported.

A police spokesman said several people were also injured, although officers could not give an exact figure.

A large contingent of rescuers went to the scene of the accident

The spokesperson added that the train was heading from Cologne to the city of Koblenz.

Fire rescue crews were tending to the injured while care was also being given to passengers on board who were initially not allowed to leave the train.

The regional newspaper Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger reported that in addition to a large police presence, 10 ambulances, four emergency doctors and 35 firefighters were also at the scene.

Following the incident, the line between Huerth-Kalscheuren station and the town of Bruehl was closed.


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