GoFirst extends all flight cancellations through May 12

PUNE: Go first it said on Friday evening that all of the airline’s flights will remain canceled until May 12.
The airline previously canceled all its flights until May 9. For operational reasons, GorFirst flights through May 9 have been cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the cancellations. A full refund on the original form of payment will be issued shortly,” the airline announced on social media.
It is unknown how many people have received refunds and the airline has not commented on the same.
Thousands of travellers, both in flight and about to fly on domestic and international routes, are annoyed by the airline’s extended flight cancellation date.
“What do we do? No one responds from their customer service even after an hour after calls are made. Their social media management gives robotic response. I have to fly to Bangkok on 13th May and cancellation means I lose almost Rs 1 lakh with no guarantee when I will get my flight fare refunded. I am thinking of canceling my entire trip and bear the losses and I have no choice,” said a Pune-based flyer.
The DGCA has asked the airline to pay the passengers the refunds which are expected to touch Rs 350 crore. The airline lessors have asked the DGCA to deregister 22 aircraft. More than 50% of its fleet is already grounded due to engine problems at Pratt & Whitney, the airline said.


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