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NEW DELHI: The wrestlers protest gained momentum across the country, with Khap panchayats and farmers’ unions joining the agitation and lending their support.
The 31-member committee that has been formed to advise protesting wrestlers has offered an ultimatum, saying if WFI leader Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh is not arrested by May 21, an “important decision” will have to be made.
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Vinesh Phogatone of the prominent faces of the protest, also made it clear that their issue had not been hijacked by the farmers and even sparked a salvo saying it could escalate if their demands are not met.
“We can take a big call if a resolution doesn’t come by May 21. Nobody hijacked our protest, it’s just that people joined us in our fight against injustice. These people we respect and care about our dignity,” she said. .
Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU) Spokesperson Rakesh TikaitKhap Maham 24 leader Mehar Singh and Baldev Singh Sirsa (non-political) of Sankyut Kisna Morcha joined the wrestlers on the dais and addressed the media.
“Many leaders of Khap panchayat and SKM attended the meeting today. We have decided that members of each khap will come to the protest site every day. They will stay here during the day and come back in the evening” , Tikait said ahead of a large rally.
“The wrestlers’ committee will take care of the protest and we will support wrestlers from outside. We have scheduled a meeting for May 21. If the government does not come up with a resolution, we will work out our next strategy,” he said. -he adds.
“If an emergency arises, if the wrestlers face a problem, the entire nation stands behind them.”
There was a massive deployment of the Rapid Action Force (RAF) to the site of the protest with many khap leaders and farmers joining the aggrieved strugglers.
The turbaned farmers, clad in dhoti-kurtas and numbering in the hundreds, were seen at the protest site on Sunday as a ‘Mahapanchayat’ discussed the next move on behalf of the wrestlers.
The scenes were similar to the farmers’ protest which continued for 13 months until the government repealed the law.
The Delhi Police recorded the statements of the seven female complainants under Section 161, while the statements under Section 164 (before a Magistrate) under the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) did not yet been recorded.
The wrestlers accused Brij Bhushan, the head of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI), of sexually exploiting several female wrestlers for a period of time and demanded his removal.
Tikait said the tricolor was shameful and would not be tolerated.
“We will help the wrestlers in any way we can,” he said, adding that it will be a long journey and it could span the whole country.
“It (Jantar Mantar) will remain the site of the protest from now on. The protest will grow and spread. We have to prepare for a long battle,” he added.
“It’s not a political protest, it’s a non-political organization. But a few politicians came out to support the wrestlers, crossing party lines.”
Sirsa said, “We have also decided to force the government to arrest Brij Bhushan. In the same way the farmers fought their battle (against farm laws), the wrestlers will continue their fight in the same way.”
“I ask the government not to test our patience. They had tested us some time ago and we had passed the exam,” Sirsa said, referring to the farmers’ victory in repealing the Farm Bills.
“All women can connect to this battle of ours. The fans have given us strength. We are ready to fight.”
When asked if they were mentally prepared to avoid training and competition for a long time, she said no.
“We will definitely compete. We will prepare a plan to go about it. We will definitely compete.”
“We have only one request for Brij Bhushan to be arrested first and then his interrogation to take place,” she said.
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