Sunil Tillu Tajpuriya Murder: Tamil Nadu Police Officers Serving in Tihar Sent Back, to be Suspended | News from India

NEW DELHI: In a major action against the staff of the Tamil Nadu Special Police Force (TNSP), who were reportedly silent bystanders of the killing of Sunil Tajpuria In Tihar Jail, seven of them were sent back to Tamil Nadu. Their suspensions will follow. The action follows a letter from the Director-General for Prisons to DG TNSP.
Tihar also decided to equip members of rapid response teams with AK-47 rifles so that they can effectively control violence of any scale.
According to officials, the seven TNSP personnel had already been removed from their duties after they failed to solve the homicide. After the incident, prison officials had a meeting with the TNSP. “We watched the video where they were seen standing silently and the attackers were stabbing Tajpuria in front of them. We informed their commander and the unit DG of the inaction of their personnel,” an officer said. The video of the incident had gone viral on social media.

The attack took place in two rounds: in the first, Tajpuria was attacked in her own barracks by four men. Later, when security personnel were taking him to the hospital, he was stopped by the attackers, who started stabbing him again with improvised weapons. At least nine security personnel stood by and watched, but no one intervened.

Gangster Tillu Tajpuriya accused of shooting at Rohini court killed by rival gang in Tihar Jail


Gangster Tillu Tajpuriya accused of shooting at Rohini court killed by rival gang in Tihar Jail

DG Tihar had also submitted a detailed report to LG VK Saxena on the matter. Another officer said they will approach the relevant department soon to ensure the gangsters are transferred to other prisons around the country so they cannot form gangs. “We will also seek permission from the relevant authority to ensure that any high-risk prisoner is presented before the court via videoconference so that no untoward incidents occur,” the officer said.


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