An 11-year-old girl diagnosed with autism has an IQ higher than Einstein; soon to receive masters in engineering

Adhara Perez Sanchez From Mexico City, has a higher IQ than Albert Einstein. The child prodigy will soon receive her master’s degree in engineering. Adhara aspires to be a NASA astronaut.
Adhara has an IQ of 162, which is higher than Einstein and Stephen Hawking.
Adhara’s story is an inspiration to everyone. At the age of three she was diagnosed with autism, a developmental disability. She was bullied; The rude behavior of other children and even teachers forced her parents to change schools three times and soon after that she began to isolate herself from others, her parents told Marie Claire Mexico.
“The teachers weren’t very empathetic, they told me I wanted her to finish a task. She started to exclude herself, she didn’t want to play with her classmates, she felt strange, different,” her mother, Nayeli Sánchez told the newspaper .
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His mother reveals how her son taught himself algebra and memorized the periodic table at an early age.
According to reports, he completed elementary school at the age of five and had completed middle school and high school by 6.
By the age of 11, he had already earned a bachelor’s degree in systems engineering from CNCI university and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in mathematics from the Technological University of Mexico, according to the magazine.
He aspires to study astrophysics at the University of Arizona.
Right now she is working with the Mexican Space Agency to help girls with space exploration and math. She is also finishing her own G-tests which can open doors for her to join NASA as a young scientist.
According to the French newspaper, when she passes the tests, Adhara will be 17 years old and will be the first autistic person to fly.


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