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NEW DELHI: After making headlines by beating five straight sixes to seal an incredible and astonishing victory over the Gujarat Titans, Rinku Singh picked up another dramatic win with a last four against the Punjab Kings. Kolkata Knight Riders beat Punjab Kings by 5 wickets.
KKR’s first all-rounder Andre Russell is happy with Rinku’s performance and the senior player’s only advice to the 25-year-old is to ‘stay humble’.

“I’m very happy for him and he’s a good friend of mine, a very funny guy. I love him like a brother. I just want him to keep doing what he’s doing and stay consistent. “, match team player Russell said after their five-wicket victory that kept their slim playoff hopes alive.
Returning to form, Russell broke a 23-ball 42 in a 54-point partnership with Rinku, but the Jamaican big-hitter failed to finish and was exhausted in one final drama.


KKR vs PBKS IPL 2023 Highlights: Kolkata land last ball thriller to stay alive

Needing two on the last delivery, a calm-headed Rinku wasn’t bogged down by the atmosphere of the crowded Gardens of Eden.
There was a sense of deja vu for Russell who has been through similar situations and his advice for Rinku is to stay humble.
“It’s going well for him, so I encourage him every time I have the opportunity to talk to him, I tell him to stay humble.

“No matter how many people are screaming Russell, Russell, Russell, I’ve always stayed humble because when it gets to your head, that’s when you start to lose it,” he said.
Russell said he had full faith in the uncapped Indian to get the job done as he raced for a non-existent single after missing a wide yorker from Arshdeep Singh.


IPL 2023: Kolkata Knight Riders beat Punjab Kings to keep playoff hope alive

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Needing to defend six, Arshdeep was at his best and had allowed just four runs from five deliveries before the end.
“Certainly in any other game, with any other hitter, I don’t know if I would have run. I’ve never really done these things before. I would back myself to beat until the last delivery and do the job.
“But when you have a hitter like Rinku on the other end who has done the last few games for us, I was definitely confident.

“He’s just a fearless player, wherever you play he has a chance to counter that. I told him we need you and we need you at this point. He said, ‘great man, no worries, “so happy days.”
Rinku has been a revelation for the depleted KKR squad this season after regular skipper Shreyas Iyer stepped down to treat his troubled back.
Russell said the key to Rinku’s success was his ability to stay calm in any situation.
“The key from what I’ve seen going well for Rinku is that he’s very calm. When you’re a hitter, you have to have an open mind and be relaxed.
“You can’t expect a full delivery. You have to expect all kinds of deliveries – a slower, a slower wideball, a yorker, a short.
“Rinku puts himself in a position where he can face any delivery and take a chance. That’s the key to his success. His technique is very simple.”
Russell also hailed West Indian team-mate Sunil Narine who is under intense pressure after picking just one wicket in eight matches.
Narine came back without a wicket again (4-0-29-0), but Russell pointed out his tidy numbers helped KKR restrict PBKS for a modest 179/7, after Shikhar Dhawan opted to strike.
“Sunil going for under 30 was a really good spell. At one time most teams had over 200 players with hitters hitting hard to every bowler, we did really well today. It was a total team effort. I’m very, very grateful.”
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