Khan: Imran Khan’s politics are defined by ‘blatant lies’, Pakistani PM Shehbaz says after PTI chief arrested

ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister Imran KhanPakistan’s politics are defined by “blatant lies” and attacks on institutions, Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said on Tuesday after Khan’s arrest.
He said he had no doubt that Imran Khan’s policies are defined by “blatant lies”, “untruths”, reversals and vicious attacks on institutions. “Bend justice to your whims and behave as if the rules don’t apply to you. What I said about you in my tweet is established by facts from the past few years,” he said. said in a tweet.
Following Imran Khan’s arrest, the prime minister issued a series of tweets responding to the former prime minister’s two questions, directed at Sharif. Earlier on May 8, Khan had asked Sharif if he could name those responsible for the attacks on him.
Khan had tweeted, “As someone who has suffered 2 assassination attempts on his life in the past few months, may I dare to ask SS the following questions: 1. Do I, as a citizen, have the right to name those whom I consider responsible for the assassination? Why have I been denied my legal & Constitutional right.”
Sharif responded to Khan’s questions with four counter-questions: “Firstly, slandering the Pakistani military as an institution is a recurring pattern in your politics after you were ousted from power. agency well before the Wazirabad attack? »
In his second question, the Prime Minister asked Khan what legal means he had chosen apart from daily threats and baseless allegations.
“You refused the federal government’s offer of cooperation and boycotted legal action. You were never interested in finding out the truth about the attack, but you used the condemnable incident for petty political purposes,” reads -on in his tweet.
Prime Minister Sharif also asked the head of the PTI: “Three, at whose instigation was the savage social media campaign against the martyrs of the armed forces launched after the helicopter crash? Which party did the brigade belong to? of trolls who mocked martyrs, who was a new low and unimaginable in our politics and culture? With these subversive/disloyal acts on your part, do we need an enemy?”
He also brought allegations against Khan for using religion for political gain and against members of his party for condoning, justifying and even celebrating the incident of harassing an official delegation which also included a female minister in a mosque.
“Four, who used religion for political gain by portraying political agitation in religious terms, a cunning and self-serving attempt to expose political opponents to violence from your supporters? Your party leaders don’t did they not condone, justify and even celebrate the incident of harassment and intimidation of an official delegation including a female minister in the courtyard of the mosque of our beloved Prophet (pbuh) ignoring all standards of reverence and devotion? his added tweet.
Prime Minister Sharif also advised Khan not to travel to Pakistan, which the former prime minister called a “jungle”.
“As for your claim that Pakistan is becoming a ‘jungle’, I would advise against going there as the facts are often bitter and dire. Let’s save that for another day,” the tweet read.
Earlier on Tuesday afternoon, Khan was arrested by Islamabad High Court (IHC) Rangers staff – acting on a warrant from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).
The PTI Chairman was arrested as part of the NAB investigation into the Al-Qadir Trust case before he appeared before the IHC to seek bail in several FIRs registered against him.


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