Kyle and Ivan’s Battle: How a Texas Town Aims to Claim a World Record for Collecting the Most Kyles | US News

A town named Kyle is calling namesakes from around the world to help it break a record…for the biggest Kyle rally yet.

THE Texas City hopes to bring together thousands of people with the name Kyle to break the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people with the same name.

But it will pit them against the current record holders – Ivan.

A total of 2,325 Ivans gathered in the Bosnian city ​​of Kupreski Kosci in 2017 to reclaim the crown.

However, the town of Kyle is hoping to attract even more attendance for the “Great Gathering of Kyles,” which will take place during its annual Kyle Fair later this month.

Posting “The Call of the Kyles” on the city’s Facebook page, a spokesperson wrote: “To have a chance to break this record we need Kyles from near and far to take part.

“We need tall Kyles, short Kyles, young Kyles, and old Kyles.”

This is the fourth time the city of Kyle has attempted to break the record.

But there are strict rules about who can be a Kyle in the record attempt.

First, participants must have the name Kyle. It must also be spelled Kyle, as variations will not be accepted.

“We cannot accept middle or last names. All entrants must have the first name ‘Kyle’ spelled like this,” the organizers wrote.

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“Various iterations of ‘Kyle’ such as Kyler, Kiel or Kylee are not accepted.

“Kyles of all ages can participate.”

The event even garnered the support of an 11,000 Kyles community on Reddit — a place for “Kyles and Kyle enthusiasts” — who shared links to promote the world record attempt.

The “Great Gathering of Kyles” will take place on Sunday, May 21 at the end of the city’s annual three-day Kyle Fair, which runs for three days and includes live music, amusement rides and a prime rib cooking contest.

“All Kyles who attend the Gathering of the Kyles will receive a free shirt, a few other goodies and be serenaded by one of their own, Kyle Daniel,” a spokesperson for the event wrote.

“Admission to Kyle Fair is free as are all live music performances.”

Those named Kyle hoping to take part in the world record attempt must bring photo ID and provide an address and a contactable email address or phone number.


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