Hitler’s speech broadcast over the loudspeaker of the Austrian train, while two people are charged | world news

Two Austrian men have been charged after speeches by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler were allegedly played over a train’s loudspeaker system.

“Heil Hitler” and “sieg heil” were among the phrases reportedly heard over the system on a train traveling between Bregenz and Vienna, Austrian news service APA reported.

An Austrian Green Party MP, who was on the train, tweeted “In RailJet 661 several calls from ‘Sieg Heil’ have just been played through the loudspeaker system!” The completely helpless flight attendant.

“I hope there will be a report and clarification as soon as possible!”

He added in a reply to another Twitter user: “First completely insane stuff, even funny stuff and then suddenly a Hitler speech and shouting of hello. It was quite disturbing. The flight attendant didn’t know what to do.”

The suspects, who have not been named, were located by police who viewed video from cameras on board the train.

Disseminating Nazi propaganda in Austria is a criminal offence.

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They are believed to be behind two other similar incidents last week in the country, although it is unclear whether they involved Nazi slogans.

According to APA, the couple are believed to have opened the driver’s intercom booths with a key belonging to railroad employees.


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