The touching video of the mother-daughter cabin attendant duo on the IndiGo flight wins hearts

On Mother’s Day we have seen several videos where children shared precious moments with their mothers. From watching videos of kids expressing their love for their moms to reading stories showering them with appreciation, the second Sunday in May happens to be the happiest day of the year.
One such video was shared by the airline Indigo on his Twitter handle. In the video we see a daughter making an announcement for her mother, who is then moved.
The daughter introduced herself as Nabira Samshi and then introduced her mom for others. Both mom and daughter were on the same flight wearing their uniform.

Nabira said this is the first time she has seen her mother on board in uniform and she has been working as a cabin crew for six years.
Saying that her mother is her inspiration, Nabira said, “I hope to make her proud today.” Towards the end of the video we see her mother crying as her daughter makes this announcement.
“Happy Mother’s Day to her who has always had my back, on the ground and in the air,” IndiGo captioned the emotional video.
“Heartwarming. Thanks to Indigo Management for allowing mother and daughter to fly on the same flight on Mother’s Day,” wrote one Twitter user. “That makes all the difference! Great gesture from the Indigo department for putting mum and daughter on the same flight on Mother’s Day,” wrote another.
Read the tweet here:


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