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NEW DELHI: Softly spoken to the extent that you have to lean into his face to listen to what he is saying. It is Mohammad Hussamuddin for you. THE Nizamabad boxer, who won a bronze medal in his debut at the world championships, comes from a family of boxers. His father Mohammad Shamsamuddin was a national level boxer and his other three brothers – Mohammad Ehteshamuddin, Mohammad Ehtesaamuddin and Mohammad Qayamuddin – are also pedigree boxers.
Initially, Hussamuddin was afraid to put on the gloves until his father Shamsamuddin, who is a boxing coach now, made him get rid of that fear and took him under his wing.
“My father ran a hotel and after that he raised children. There was a kabristan (cemetery) nearby where he taught us the intricacies of the sport. I was very worried about boxing at first. I didn’t like this sport because I thought it was about maar-dhaar (fighting). But my father showed that the sport is more about technique and not raw power. As I started to learn the intricacies, my fondness for the sport grew,” Hussamuddin said during an interaction with TOI.
What was a win for boxing became a loss for gymnastics. “I was a very naughty kid. That’s why my dad signed me up to a gymnastics center when I was very young – mainly to get my fitness in order. I started to like the sport and I was pretty good at it too. But when the time came, my dad made sure that I put all my time and effort into boxing,” Hussamuddin said.
In 2012, he was selected for the Army Sports Institute (ASI) in Secunderabad. “The expenses necessary to continue have been covered at ASI.”
For Hussamuddin, it was his first world championships. But he had to withdraw from his semi-final against Cuban Saidel Horta due to a knee injury, which proved to be a drag. “I was in good shape during the tournament…missing gold or silver is something I regret,” Hussamuddin said.


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