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MUMBAI: Batter for the Royals of England and Rajasthan Joe Root thinks young fly-half Yashasvi Jaiswal is ‘hell of a talent’ and it’s only a matter of time before he goes on to play for India.
With 575 runs in 13 games at 47.91 including four fifty-one, the 21-year-old set the IPL on fire, prompting a clamor for his selection to the national team.
“…you might see him (India debut) tomorrow. One thing that’s quite impressive with him is that he’s clearly very hungry and has great desire and confidence in his abilities.
“He makes sure he keeps looking to improve, keeps learning what he’s doing, he’s got a great temper in that regard and he has a brilliant work ethic. He always asks and tries to learn from other players and the people around him,” Root told PTI in an exclusive interview.

An England batting stalwart in the five-day format, Root sees no weakness in Jaiswal’s play.
“So I think he’s got all the elements, there’s no real area of ​​weakness right now that you can see. He’s been dominating spin and seam throughout this tournament and you can To see him with the confidence he is playing now is amazing.
“I don’t think it’s a question of ‘if he can do it’; it’s more (of) ‘when’ and how he fits into this Indian team. But it’s clear he’s a heck of a talent with an amazing future ahead of him. from him and i hope he continues like this, everything falls into place and the only team he doesn’t score against is England (laughs),” added Root.
The former England skipper and batting stalwart said the IPL experience would certainly help gain knowledge of conditions in India, with the 50-year-old World Cup due to be played in the country in October-November.
“It’s hard to try and not learn from your experience here. Even being in these conditions for a long period of time, get the opportunity to see how the bowlers react, both pace and spin…
“…playing on slightly more used wickets, different floors – obviously the dark floor and the red floor, see how they react slightly differently, just try to give you as much information and store it for when we come back here at the end of the year, will be important.
“Now also, even things like how on different sites, how the ball reacts, how you sum up a score faster than others, how you approach different scenarios on these grounds – these are all valuable information when you go to a major tournament like that even if it’s a different format.”
Root, 32, who is playing his first IPL, said the impact player rule will need to last two to three years before a clear understanding is developed.
“It will take time to see how it really continues to be used, or it will take time to see what impact it has on how this tournament is structured from how you set up your teams in bidding or things like that. Will it make all-rounders less desirable or more? You now have this additional option.
“How do teams decide to set things up at bat first, whether they pick one or two guys they always use or whether they’re very situation-based (or) condition-based?”
He also said the rule has made a big difference to the competitiveness of the IPL.
“The impact sub has entirely made a big difference in every team having that extra option whether it’s on the pitch or at bat – there’s a bit more depth there – so you have always the impression of being in the game, which lasts until the last ball.”
Having dominated the Test circuit in recent years, Root said he was happy to return to T20 cricket.
“It was really good, I enjoyed it. It was fun, I feel like I learned a lot, from the players and the coaches I worked with.
“Just being around T20 again after so long, thinking about the game in a different way and learning, looking at different situations differently and that’s been really beneficial,” he said.
The next big mission for England’s run-machine isn’t far away – the 2023 Ashes start in about a month and Root is confident England’s Bazball approach will subdue the Australian side, who will also play in the final of the World Championship Test against India. .
“I try not to think about it too much to be honest. From our point of view for us as an English team, we’ve really enjoyed playing the way we’ve done for the last year or so – we’ve gained a lot of confidence and have great clarity on what we are trying to accomplish.
“Most of it revolves around making memories, trying to produce special things on the pitch as a group and we’ve been able to do that in different environments, whether it’s at home, (or at) Pakistan, (or in) New Zealand so far, against very good opposition,” he added.
Root said England were wary of Australia’s firepower but were confident in their home conditions.

“Obviously Australia are a very strong team, you don’t get to the final of the World Test Championship, over a period of time not always being very good.
“But it’s an Ashes series and as an England player it’s one of the most important ones you play in and one you really want to play in, so that extra hunger and desire for going to continue what we are doing would definitely be there,” he said.


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