Green Hydrogen: Why India Sees It as a Game Changer – he explained

Green Hydrogen: India is betting big on transitioning to renewable energy and reducing dependence on fossil fuels, and a key factor in that is green hydrogen. According to National mission on green hydrogenby 2030 India hopes to develop production of green hydrogen capacity of at least 5 MMT per year. This will lead to an addition of approximately 125 GW of renewable energy capacity in the country and help India reduce carbon dioxide emissions to achieve its net-zero emissions vision.
AS what is green hydrogen? How is it different from other hydrogen currently being produced? And why is the use of green hydrogen being touted as a big game changer for India? In this week’s episode of TOI Business Bytes, Pranav Master Director, Consulting, CRISIL Market Intelligence & Analytics explains some interesting facts about India’s green hydrogen mission and its importance. Try this; India plans to invest Rs 8 lakh crore in green hydrogen projects by 2030!

Green Hydrogen Explained: What is Green Hydrogen? | The green hydrogen mission is a game changer for India

Watch the video above to learn how the green hydrogen production process differs from other forms of hydrogen and why the use of green hydrogen will help India meet its climate goals. Pranav Master talks how India can be a big exporter of green hydrogen for the world economy.
The video also looks at the sectors that will see the most benefit from the adoption of green hydrogen: from refineries and fertilizers to steel and transport. According to the National Green Hydrogen Mission, “hydrogen can be used for long-term storage of renewable energy, replacement of fossil fuels in industry, clean transportation and potentially also for decentralized power generation, aviation and maritime transport”.
Pranav Master also talks about job opportunities for common man and other aspects which will lead to better life for people with the use of green hydrogen. It emphasizes the need for economies of scale so that green hydrogen production is competitive in the long run.


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