Patriot: Ukraine denies Russia destroyed Patriot missile defense system

KYIV: Ukraine denied on Wednesday that a Russian hypersonic missile destroyed a US Patriot missile defense system in an airstrike on Kyiv.
The Russian Defense Ministry made the statement on Tuesday after an overnight airstrike on the Ukrainian capital. Two U.S. officials later said a Patriot system likely suffered damage but did not appear to have been destroyed.
“I mean: don’t worry about the fate of the Patriot,” Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat told Ukrainian television.
He ruled out the possibility of a Russian missile “Kinzhal” knocking out a Patriot system.
“Destroying the system with some kind of ‘Kinzhal’ is impossible. Everything they say there can stay in their propaganda archives,” he said.
The Patriot system is part of a suite of sophisticated air defense units provided by the West to help Ukraine fend off Russian airstrikes after it invaded Moscow last year.
It is considered one of the most advanced US air defense systems, including against aircraft, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles, and typically includes launchers as well as radars and other support vehicles.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has touted the Kinzhal missile as proof that his country has world-class military hardware.
Ukraine said it shot down six Kinzhal missiles Tuesday, but Russia denied it. It was not known what Western weapon Ukraine was using, and the Pentagon had no immediate comment.


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