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NEW DELHI: Former Indian coach Zaheer Khan said on Thursday he was bewildered and did not understand the recurring injuries suffered by Indian fast bowlers. He also said he was also intrigued by some hitters with serious injuries.
“I’m just as puzzled as you are about this. You mentioned bowlers, but there are also batters who suffer from serious injuries. It’s something beyond my understanding and it certainly has to do with the combination” , Zaheer said. the media during an interaction organized by Jio Cinema.
Apart from Jasprit Bumrah, who was out of action for several months, right-arm pacers Deepak Chahar and Prasidh Krishna also missed cricket for a long time. Chahar made a comeback in the current IPL but missed a few matches between Chennai Super Kings due to a hamstring injury while Prasidh suffered back problems resulting in a stress fracture.

“Some things have to be looked at carefully in terms of how they approach the whole season, their training and their rest-to-recovery ratios and many other things. It’s very difficult to focus on just one word (to describe ) exactly what’s going on, but I’d say yeah, there’s something wrong somewhere that all these guys are getting such big injuries,” Zaheer added.
But Zaheer was happy with how the other two key Indian playmakers – Mohammad Shami And mohamed siraj โ€” have operated in this IPL.
“It was a treat to watch them perform. They kept it simple, something that is needed. I would say that’s the right way to approach the power play and it’s great to see bowlers (like them) setting that kind of example, simplifying things and not getting caught up in the format,โ€ Zaheer said.
Zaheer said a heavy IPL for Shami and Siraj shouldn’t affect their workload much, citing the amount of bowling required in Test cricket as Indian players also have their eye on their World Championship final. test against Australia from June 7.

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“As a bowler the more you play the better it is for you – that’s how I’ve always seen it. When you look at the workload I’ve always believed, talking about IPL as of a tournament and T20 as a format, your high intensity overs are like 64 or 70 – that’s the kind of overs you’re looking at,” Zaheer explained.
“It’s not a very high workload (scenario). Knowing the matches, you can always manage yourself, but when you watch the test match finals, you talk about increasing that workload. In a test match , you’ll be playing 18-20 overs in one day, which is going to be high intensity,” he added.
“From a workload management perspective, for a bowler, it’s about preparing to be on the court one day for 90 overs and coming back the next day and doing it, if necessary. is the kind of preparation, in terms of workload, it should be increased now rather than decreased,โ€ said the 2011 World Cup winner.
The former speedster has expressed his displeasure with the way Sunrisers Hyderabad has handled and used Umran Malik this IPL, whose fast pace has impressed everyone.
“I think Umran Malik was not handled well by the franchise with the way his services should have been used by SRH and that was evident,” Zaheer said.


He added: “When you’re talking about a young designer, you’re also looking at creating that environment and that support. That (kind of) guidance is needed. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been seen by SRH and that’s why he had the season the way he had.”
Zaheer, who is also the global head of cricket development at Mumbai Indians, said the franchise has done well despite the absence of bowlers Jasprit Bumrah and Jofra Archer.
“When you talk about the Mumbai Indians and when you look at how the season went, it was not an easy season (because of) first losing (Jasprit) Bumrah and then Jofra Archer. It was, bowling-wise a tough season but the batting has been very good – that’s how I see it,” he said.
“Overall it’s been a very good season and the momentum I would say is there with them. You can talk about the result of the last game but (even) in this (game) the way they hit on this surface, it was good,” Zaheer said.
Zaheer admitted MI missed Bumrah but added that Piyush Chawla (20 wickets in 13 matches) did incredibly well with his experience.

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“There is no doubt about it – Bumrah is a game winner. I have spoken a lot about the fact that there is inexperience in the Mumbai Indians bowling roster.
“Piysh Chawla did exceptionally well and took on the responsibility of a senior bowler in the camp, but that weakness in their bowling was still there and Bumrah was the main reason for that, then Jofra joined that list as well. If Bumrah was there , things would have been different.” he said.
“You’ve seen over the years at the IPL, the value that experience brings, someone who’s been there, done that, someone who can handle pressure well.
“In the spin department, there are a lot of young spinners. Chawla was a direct call because he can mentor these guys with his experience,” he added.
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