Where do the rich invest? Watch: Investment ideas from wealthy Indians, from REITs to GIFT City

High net worth individuals (HNI): Have you ever wondered where the rich put their money? While for the common man, popular investment options include fixed deposits, gold, mutual funds, their first home etc. – what do HNIs do with their wealth?
In this week’s episode of TOI Wallet Talks, we talk about how do rich people’s investment strategies vary from other people? Shedding light on this interesting topic is Sahil Kapoor, Senior Executive Vice President of 360 ONE Wealth.
As Kapoor points out, for HNIs and ultra HNIs, wealth preservation is the important factor rather than wealth creation.

Investment Ideas of Rich Indians: ReIT, InvIT, GIFT City, Commercial Real Estate – What the Rich Want

Watch the video above for interesting insights into the investment bets of the rich. From REITs TO InvIT to boutique fund managers, investments through GIFT city and in commercial real estate such as shopping malls – the plethora of investment options for the wealthy is one to watch.
According to a recent report titled “The Wealth Report 2023” by Knight Frank, ultra wealthy individuals in India will grow by 58.4% over the next five years, rising from 12,069 in 2022 to a whopping 19,119 in 2027. Knight Frank defined the Ultra HNI be individuals with a net worth greater than $30 million. Likewise, the HNI population with net worth over $1 million will increase by a whopping 107% by 2027; from 797,714 in 2022 to 1.65 million by 2027!
According to Knight Frank’s study, for an individual to be among the top 1% of wealthy individuals in India, the net worth is estimated at $175,000.
The top 10 countries to watch out for in terms of ultra HNI growth between 2022-27 are; Hungary (74.4%), Turkey (69.1%), Poland (66.9%), New Zealand (64.7%), India (58.4%), South Korea (58%), Philippines (58%), Sweden (50.9%), Mainland China (49.8%), Malaysia (44.8%).


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