Cuet: Glitch-free CUET-UG exam held across India, 77% attendance on first day

NEW DELHI: In off to a smooth start, the Common University Entrance Test – Undergraduate (CUET-UG) 2023 had 77% attendance on the first day of Sunday, compared to 64% overall attendance last year. However, in some centres, the exams have been delayed due to the delay in the biometric identification process.
In the meantime, National Control Agency (NTA) has decided to reschedule the CUET-UG exam on May 28 for those who have a joint integrated program in Management admission test (JIPMAT) at the same time.
According to senior NTA officials, the first day exams went smoothly with no technical issues. On the delay in launching some centres, including Ballia in Uttar Pradesh, the agency said: “Some centers have encountered problems with the biometric link. However, they were sorted and all candidates successfully completed their exams and were given the allotted time.”
“In Ballia, as the delay was a bit longer, about 80 minutes, refreshments were served to parents and accompanying candidates and the NTA also organized transport, especially for female candidates, to return home” the official said.
The debut edition of the entrance exam in 2022 was marred by technical problems that meant exams were postponed in multiple centres. Additionally, applicants were also annoyed by last-minute changes and cancellations.
Compared to last year, when around 75% of attendance was recorded on the first day, and overall attendance was 64%, this year attendance has started at a positive pace, recording 77% attendance. “We expect marginally low attendance as many applicants focused on engineering, medical and other professional programs may not show up. However, if the first day is trending, CUET-UG will have record attendance this year. Probably also because there are more universities participating which is one of the reasons why we have seen record registrations as well (14.99 lakh).
The NTA has so far issued city intimation bulletins listing topics, dates, and time slots through May 28, 2023. Many applicants given May 28 have also registered for the JIPMAT which is scheduled for the same date.
“NTA via JIPMAT e CUET emails invite applicants to take the JIPMAT on May 28th. Those candidates will be given a different date for the CUET-UG exam,” the official said. Both exams are conducted by the NTA.
Unlike last year, CUET-UG takes place over three rounds this time. Previously, the exam was scheduled to take place from May 21 to May 31, but the NTA has decided to extend the schedule by at least four days to accommodate the largest number of candidates. He also held two more days in reserve.
Over 14 lakh applications have been received for the CUET-UG this year, marking a 51% increase from last year’s debut edition. The CUET-UG remains the second largest entrance exam in the country in terms of applicants.


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