KKK 13: Archana Gautam & Aishwarya Sharma Share What Happens After Shooting & Performing Stunts

Arcana Gautam AND Aishwarya Sharma they’ve become the new best friends in town from making rollers together to sharing rooms. These two are having a lot of fun South Africa while filming for Khatron Ke Khiladi 13. Filming of the show started and the actresses started doing stunts.
Arcane took to her Instagram story and shared how they got back to their rooms after performing stunts all day. Archana said, “Guys, do you want to see what happens to us after shooting for Khatron Ke Khiladi?” Archana points the camera at him Aishwarya sleeping like a baby and completely exhausted.

Archana further shared, “Do you all see that? We’re sleeping like ‘Zinda laash’, we get so tired after the stunt that we don’t even realize which part of our body is actually in pain, the legs, the back or what”.
Aishwarya keeps asking Archana to stop the video as he lies in pain next to her. Recently, Aishwarya shared a photo to the story where he had severe bruises around his arm. There were many deep blood clots which must have become extremely painful for the actress, however, she bore it with a smiling face.
Before, Nyrraa Banerji he also shared a harrowing experience while pulling a stunt with bugs. He shared, “We did a stunt where bugs were thrown at us! They bit us everywhere! I have deep cut marks on my private parts. Thankfully, he’s all recovering now, but the feeling of being bitten is terrible.” !”


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