MS Dhoni’s tactical delay allows Matheesha Pathirana to bowl key over in IPL Qualifier 1 | Cricket News

NEW DELHI: In a strategic move, shrewd Mahendra Singh Dhoni played a crucial role in guiding Chennai Super Kings (CSK) to another IPL final. Dhoni’s clever act of gambling involved strategically consuming precious minutes, which ultimately provided an opportunity for Matheesha PathiranaCSK’s lethal weapon, to overthrow the 16 against Gujarat Titans in the first IPL qualifier.
CSK emerged victorious by a 15-point margin on their home turf at the MA Chidambaram Stadium, securing their place in a record 10th final. The triumph was particularly significant as it marked CSK’s first win over defending champions Gujarat Titans in four encounters during the 2022 IPL season.

The incident unfolded when Pathirana, who had already claimed two crucial wickets, was initially unable to cast his second spell during the dead. The Sri Lankan bowler had temporarily left the pitch for medical treatment, with an undisclosed concern, during the Titans chase.

According to the IPL playing conditions, any player who leaves the court for more than eight minutes must spend a similar amount of time on the court before being allowed to resume bowling. Taking advantage of this rule, Dhoni used strategic time management techniques to extend the time before Pathirana returned.
When Pathirana came back, he finally had the opportunity to win the 16th pivot. At that time, the Gujarat Titans needed 71 runs from 30 balls as they had struggled to reach a 102 for six total.
Dhoni’s shrewd playing sense and calculated delay played an important role in shaping the outcome of the match. CSK’s decision finally allowed Pathirana, their powerful weapon, to have a critical impact during a crucial phase of the game.

With CSK securing their place in the IPL Finals, their remarkable journey continues, propelled by the strategic leadership of Dhoni and the impressive performances of players like Matheesha Pathirana.
According to a report from ESPN Cricinfo, Dhoni noticed the referee Anil Chaudhary having a chat with Pathirana ahead of the top, and the CSK captain checked in with square-legged positioned Chris Gaffaney on the subject of the discussion.
The TV commentary, meanwhile, informed that the Sri Lankan was out for nine minutes and the discussion on the pitch was about whether Pathirana could play or not.

The report also stated that Dhoni was told by match officials that Pathirana would have to wait a while longer before he could play. The CSK captain admitted to having understood, but added that he had no choice but to give the ball to Pathirana.
Dhoni was also reminded that CSK could face a financial penalty for slow overtaking and an in-match penalty of only being allowed four men outside the circle, if the final over does not start in time. allotted.
In all of these discussions, the four minutes passed and Pathirana was cleared to play with the allowed time of eight minutes already up.
While Pathirana didn’t get a wicket in this game, he got a wicket in his very next game, the dangerous Vijay Shankar to tip the game in favor of CSK.
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