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Has Los Angeles Lakers legend LeBron James decided to end his decorated NBA career? The 38 year old man basketball icon stunned everyone on Monday when he said he was considering retirement, following the Lakers’ 4-0 loss to the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals.
The Lakers, however, are hoping James will reconsider what he told ESPN, following his 40-point performance in the 17-time champions loss to the Nuggets in Game 4.
Lakers team manager Rob Pelinka said Tuesday he hoped James would continue his NBA career, but said he had “earned the right” to retire.
The hint of James’ retirement seemed to catch many – including the Lakers front office – off guard, given that James signed a two-year contract extension with the team last August.
Pelinka said he and head coach Darvin Ham would speak with James soon to discuss his future, while emphasizing that the club would support whatever he chose to do.
“Coach and I will speak to LeBron in the next few days,” Pelinka said. “We all know he speaks for himself and we’ll look forward to those conversations when the time comes. But I will say this: LeBron has given as much to basketball as anyone who has ever played.
“And when you do that, you earn the right to decide if you’re going to give more.”
Pelinka said it was possible James had reached an “inflection point” in his career.

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“Our job within the Lakers organization is to support any player on our team if they reach a career inflection point,” Pelinka said.
“LeBron is surrounded by amazing people. I’m sure he will have conversations with them. In the next few days we will be in contact with him and his team and we will really only provide him with support.
“Obviously our hope would be that his career continues. But we want to give him time to have that inflection point and support him in everything he does.”
Ham echoed Pelinka’s comments, praising James for his contribution in a season that saw the Lakers get off to a disastrous 2-10 start before revamping their roster and making a deep playoff run.
“I think I was ready to retire last night too,” Ham joked. “But in all honesty and seriousness, LeBron has earned the right to do what he wants to do. I just want to thank him…especially him, for being a constant resource to me as a first-time head coach. .
“I’ve been in the game a long time, and he was the most supportive, knowledgeable, and communicative resource I’ve had all year. He was there front and center for me and my staff. He therefore earned the right to decide whatever he wants to do.”
Pelinka, meanwhile, said the Lakers hope to retain the core of the roster that ended the season as they build for the future.
“We’re incredibly proud of this group…maintaining this continuity is going to be very important,” Pelinka said.
“We were finally eliminated by a team that has great continuity. They have a group of players who have been together for several seasons and it shows in the way they play. So continuity is a priority for us.”
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