Suella Braverman to stay in post after Rishi Sunak says speeding investigation ‘not necessary’ | Political News

Suella Braverman is to remain in her post as home secretary after the prime minister said “further investigation is not necessary” into her handling of a speeding offence.

In his letter to the home secretary, the prime minister said: “I have consulted with my independent adviser.

“He has advised that on this occasion further investigation is not necessary and I have accepted that advice.

“On the basis of your letter and our discussion, my decision is that these matters do not amount to a breach of the ministerial code.”

It comes after The Sunday Times reported that instead of signing up for an in-person speed awareness course with other motorists, or completing one online that would show her name and face to other participants, Ms Braverman allegedly asked civil servants to arrange a private one -to-one course.

When the civil servants refused, she reportedly sought help from a political aid, who requested for the course organizer to provide a private session, or allow her to use an alias or turn her camera off.

When the course provider refused, Ms Braverman opted to take the three points on her licence, the paper reported.

After The Sunday Times’ report, Ms Braverman said she was confident “nothing untoward happened” over her handling of the speeding offense but did not deny asking civil servants to intervene.

She said: “Last summer, I was speeding, I regret that, I paid the fine and I took the points, but we’re focused now on delivering for the British people and working for them.”

Asked whether she would welcome an investigation into her behaviour, the home secretary replied by saying she would “appreciate the focus on an announcement which is standing up for victims and survivors”.

“In relation to the speeding tickets in my fine and points, I’m very confident nothing untoward happened.”


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