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NEW DELHI: Indian cricket captain, Rohit Sharma has expressed his belief that T20 cricket has undergone significant changes, making the role of anchors irrelevant in the format. In a recent interview with Jio Cinema, Sharma discussed his approach to evolving him as a hitter, acknowledging that his change in mindset has led to failures but stating that he wants to explore new possibilities.
“The way I see it, there’s no role for an anchor now. It’s just how T20 cricket is played these days, unless you’re 20/3 or 4, which isn’t going to happen every days,” Sharma commented.
He stressed the need for a mindset shift to keep up with the evolution of the game, saying, “If you don’t change your mindset, you’re going to be destroyed. People on the other side think about the game differently and take it for granted.” Next Level.”

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Sharma believes all seven batsmen on a team should play their roles effectively, regardless of the outcome. He said: “I think if you get a good score, that’s good, but even if you get a good 30-40 off just 10-15 or 20 balls, it’s (just) just as good because you’re playing the role for the team. The game has changed”.
Having played T20 cricket for a long time, Sharma now tries to approach batting differently, even if it means the occasional dismissal. Lui mentioned his recent failures against Chennai Super Kings and Punjab Kings but remains undeterred in his search for a new style.
“I just want to play that way and see what I can do. I’ve been playing this format for a long time and a certain way. But now I want to do different things. As I do, (if) I go out, (it) doesn’t really bother me Sharma said.
When it comes to power shots, Sharma acknowledges he can’t match the strength of players like Tim David, Kieron Pollard and Cameron Green. Instead, he focuses on timing the ball and finding the sweet spot, highlighting his belief in the effectiveness of well-timed shots.

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“I know[that]I can’t match the power of guys like Tim David, Kieron Pollard and Cameron Green. They’re powerful hitters; they can reach 100 meters easily,” explained Sharma.
Sharma also praised fellow batsman Suryakumar Yadav for his approach and attributed his success to the hard work he has put in over the years. He mentioned Yadav’s consistent performances in domestic cricket and predicted a bright future for him.
The Mumbai and India Indians captain acknowledged his team’s status as a collection of superstars but stressed that the franchise has played a vital role in developing these players through its scouting process.
“It’s a superstar team, but that’s because the franchise has worked for it. All these players are part of the big auction pool – we bought them,” Sharma said, noting the efforts of team scouts in identifying talent like Jasprit Bumra and Akshar Patel.

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Sharma also expressed his confidence in the potential of young players Tilak Varma and Nehal Wadhera, predicting that they would become “big stars” for both the Mumbai Indians and India in the future.
As Sharma prepares to lead India to the final of the World Test Championship and World Cup 50 overs later this year, he reflected on the 2011 World Cup, admitting he didn’t watch most of the tournament due to the his disappointment at not being selected. He described it as a year of setback that prompted him to make significant changes to his game and his routines.
With his revamped approach to T20 cricket, Sharma aims to push boundaries and adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the game, aiming to achieve success in upcoming tournaments.
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